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About Our Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty (or a “nose job”) is a very commonly requested procedure for our patients. Patients may elect to undergo rhinoplasty to correct imperfections, to have a complete reconstruction or to address issues after an accident or injury. Changes and improvements can be subtle or more dramatic depending on the goals of the patient. Results tend to be long lasting, and after the procedure and an appropriate time allowed for recovery time, many patients report feeling more confident due to their enhanced appearance. Our surgeons have significant experience in cosmetic and traumatic rhinoplasty, as well as nasal reconstruction procedures.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Patients undergo rhinoplasty for many reasons, but the most common have to do with looking and feeling better about themselves. The surgery may involve fixing nose size, overall shape or just eliminating imperfections. Whatever the reason, it’s best to talk with a surgeon to build a plan to achieve your goals.

Ideal candidates are healthy adults who have realistic expectations for the outcome of their surgery. To ensure optimal results and an expedient recovery, patients considering rhinoplasty must be willing to commit to following our surgeon’s pre- and post-op instructions, including abstaining from smoking and consuming alcohol for a period of time before and after their rhinoplasty procedure.

Your Consultation

Patients who would like to explore their options for reshaping their nasal contours can begin the treatment process by contacting our office to schedule a consultation. The consultation is an opportunity for the patient to learn about the rhinoplasty procedure and to have our surgeon address his or her specific questions and concerns.

The patient’s candidacy for rhinoplasty can be determined during the consultation as well. Our surgeon will perform a physical examination of the patient’s nose and will review the patient’s medical history and current medications to identify whether rhinoplasty is the safest and most effective way to accomplish his or her treatment goals.

Post-Operative Rhinoplasty Care:

In the time following your surgery, it is best to avoid any strenuous activities for up to three weeks. Most patients experience bruising and swelling, but still report being able to return to work in a week depending upon the scope and type of surgery.

It is important to protect the nose from trauma and force as it heals. Patients must avoid tampering with the affected areas as much as possible during the initial phase of their recovery. Vigorous scratching, squeezing, or applying pressure of any kind around the nose could compromise your rhinoplasty results.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about rhinoplasty in Orange County please call our offices today. Also, you can view various before and after images in our gallery.

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Dr. Mazin Al-Hakeem

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mazin Al-Hakeem, is a board-certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Al-Hakeem has been in practice since 2000 and is a professional member of the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation.
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“I just had to send you a lil’ note of special “thanks.” Everyday I look at my nose & see the progress “I love it!!” And my legs & waist are totally shaping up. You do wonderful work and will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you once again.”

“I have been so happy with the overall care I have already started to recommend the center. Being a single mother of two I was really scared of the surgery, but I am so happy with everything. Thank you so much!!!!”

“Thanks to everyone in your surgical center for making my surgery experience an excellent one. My daughter had a procedure done at AHCG and my sister is also having her surgery here in January. Keep up the GREAT JOB.”

“My experience was awesome, the girls that answer the phones are amazing they always answered my questions with no problem, very courteous and polite. My surgeon was very helpful with answering questions and the whole procedure. Thanks for a great experience.”