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Gynecomastia – Male Breasts

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About Our Gynecomastia Procedure

Gynecomastia is the medical term for what most people know as “enlarged male breasts.” There are many causes of gynecomastia, including puberty, obesity, aging and various gender related chromosomal disorders. The good news is that there are surgical treatments for enlarged male breasts, so call Plastic Surgery Institute of California for more information or to schedule a consultation. The most common treatment for gynecomastia is male breast reduction surgery. After a review of the patient’s history to determine the root cause, the doctor will determine whether surgery is the correct treatment approach. For instance, if obesity is the root cause, a doctor may recommend weight loss as a first step, and thereafter offer a surgical option to lift and tighten affected areas. It is important to talk to a knowledgeable, experienced surgeon to understand your options for correction of gynecomastia/male breasts in Orange County.

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Ideal Candidates

Men who are unhappy with the appearance of their chest due to enlarged male breast tissue are good candidates for gynecomastia surgery. Ideal candidates are in good physical health, do not smoke or use drugs, and have a realistic outlook about the breast procedure’s results. Gynecomastia surgery is not suitable for men with any pre-existing conditions that could slow down healing.

Your Male Breast Reduction Consultation

During the consultation, we will discuss your surgical goals, current medications and supplements, drug and alcohol use, pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, and previous surgeries. We will evaluate your general health condition, conduct diagnostic testing, and examine your chest.

If you are a suitable candidate for male breast reduction, we will create a surgical plan. We will go over the potential results of the procedure, along with preparation and recovery instructions.

The Procedure

Gynecomastia surgery begins with administration of anesthesia. After it takes effect, the surgery may involve liposuction to remove excess fat and/or excision to remove excess breast tissue and sagging skin.

For liposuction surgery, small incisions will be made, and then a cannula will be inserted to remove fat. For excision, incisions may be made in areas like the border of the areola.

The Recovery Process

You will wear a supportive garment and bandages around the chest to help in your recovery and reduce the swelling. You will be prescribed medications to help with the pain and reduce the risk of infection.

You may also have thin tubes placed under your skin after the procedure to drain the blood and fluid during recovery. These drains will be removed once you do not need them anymore.

The Cost of Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery

The average cost of gynecomastia surgery for male breasts varies based on factors like the price of anesthesia, the time required to perform the surgery, and the techniques utilized.

View various before and after images in our gallery.

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Dr. Mazin Al-Hakeem

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mazin Al-Hakeem, is a board-certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Al-Hakeem has been in practice since 2000 and is a professional member of the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation.
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