PSI Offering Sleeve Conversions to Gastric Bypass Patients

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Plastic Surgery Institute of California Offers Sleeve Conversions to Patients Experiencing Issues With Gastric Band Procedure

Patients Experiencing Issues With Gastric Band Procedure Opting for Sleeve Gastrectomy

Huntington Beach, California

The Advanced Surgical Institute, one of Southern California’s most well-known and respected health care facilities, is now adding gastric band conversions to its service offering for patients experiencing issues with other weight loss procedures or who simply are not getting the weight loss results expected. Physicians at the Institute report consulting with a greater number of patients about the options available, including band repositioning or complete replacement. Most surgical weight loss physicians will recommend a conversion to some type of sleeve gastrectomy. Patients with questions about their gastric band procedures should contact the Institute at (714) 969-2520 or visit



“We’re seeing more and more patients come in complaining about symptoms related to gastric band procedures,” Dr. Mazin Al-Hakeem. “On the other hand, some patients come in just complaining that they still aren’t losing weight, which can indeed happen with various surgical weight loss procedures, including the gastric band. Quite often the right approach is a conversion to sleeve gastrectomy, but we’re committed to looking at every option available to help the patient.”

The Advanced Surgical Institute, located in Huntington Beach, California, is one of Southern California’s most well-known and respected health care facilities. The Institute offers cosmetic, spinal and weight loss surgery through its surgery centers in Huntington Beach, and also offers a additional consultation center in Beverly Hills. Among other services, the Institute’s cosmetic surgical options include breast enhancement, liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers and rhinoplasty. Also, its weight loss surgery options include gastric band, beltplasty (body lift), gastric bypass, vertical Sleeve gastrectomy, standard Sleeve gastrectomy, spider Sleeve gastrectomy, longitudinal Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric restrictive surgery procedures. For more information log to

or call (714) 969-2520.