Finding the Motivation to Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

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For your weight loss surgery to be successful and to get on the path to your new life, you’ll need to commit to some real lifestyle changes. One of those changes involves getting more exercise on a regular basis. It is obviously important to build up slowly, to do activities you enjoy and to consult your physician to ensure you are ready for increased physical activity. But what we’ll cover here today is 10 ways to motivate yourself to get more exercise after weight loss surgery…

1-Your Loved Ones: Think of your loved ones and how they’ll view you after you lose the weight and keep it off.

2-Track Your Progress: For some weight loss surgery patients it is highly effective for them to track every pound they loss, since seeing the progress spurs them to keep pressing forward.

3-Your Old Clothes: Keep one part of your old jeans to remind you of how far you have come. Seeing the progress

4-Exercise with a Partner: Accountability is a significant factor in maintaining long term exercise and weight loss goals. Even if you don’t have someone to exercise with you can still recruit someone to check in with you to see if you have met your exercise goals.

5-Reward Yourself: Pick a series of milestones and reward yourself with a healthy smoothie, some new clothes, a trip or anything that will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

6-Set Goals: Simply setting goals and tracking your progress can be a make or break activity when it comes to a successful long-term weight loss surgery outcome. Make them simple, reachable and remember to reward yourself along the way.

7-Visualize the New You: When you set out on your weight loss journey, you had a vision of the new person you could be. It’s important not to lose sight of that person, and to continue to develop that vision of the “New You.” Continue to build that picture of that best version of yourself and use it as motivation for change.

8-Network and Connect with Others: Many weight loss patients report that it is easier to let themselves down than it is to let others down. So be sure to build your circle of family, friends and acquaintances (including others on your same weight loss journey) who will cheer you on when you’re doing great, and push you when you’re not.

9-Use Music to Motivate: Music reaches the mind and soul in a way few other things can. Find music that lifts your spirits and use it was a tool to jump start you for the first mile, and pushes you to go one more!

10-Think of Beach Day: Whether your in a bikini or board shorts, wearing a bathing suit is tough if you are overweight. Think of it when you exercise and remember you’re working you way towards being able to feel better about yourself in any setting, including the beach or pool!

Weight loss surgery has been used by hundred’s of thousands of Americans as a method to achieve healthier weight levels. At the Plastic Surgery Institute we offer a number of methods to achieve meaningful and lasting weight loss. Call, click or email to arrange a time to talk with one of our physicians about the options available to you.