Mommy Makeovers

Having a child can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a woman can have. However, pregnancy can cause dramatic changes to a woman’s body, leaving extra skin, stretch marks and overall sagging. Once a mother is finished having children, she may look to rejuvenate her body and return to a more youthful physique. One surgical solution offered by the Plastic Surgery Institute is the Mommy Makeover. The Mommy makeover is an approach using a combination of procedures, most often including a tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction and thigh lifts. When combined with a balanced diet and exercise, this approach can have incredible results, taking years off of a woman’s appearance.

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Mommy Makeover – Breast Augmentation/Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover – Breast Uplift/Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover – Breast Augmentation/Liposuction